What’s the Difference Between New Locks and Rekeying?

When you’re faced with a security issue regarding your home, there are 2 ways to re-secure your mechanical locks. Reasons for resecuring your home can include being a tenant moving out, a lost or stolen key, divorce, or simply peace of mind.

The first option is to replace all the hardware with new locks. This can be expensive but very effective. Once a locksmith professional installs new locks on all your doors, you will not only have a new key to your home but also clean and shiny new hardware to enhance the beauty of your doors.

As stated this is the most expensive option of the two. The other option is to have the locks “rekeyed”. Rekeying to the process of removing the locksets from the door and tearing them down and resetting the lock cylinders to a completely different and new key. This sounds expensive and difficult but actually, it’s just the opposite.

Rekeying is the most cost-effective solution to re-securing your home. By rekeying or rebuilding the existing locks you don’t have to incur the cost of new hardware. The locks are reused. In the end, the accomplishment of eliminating the old keys will be achieved. Also rekeying is an environmentally friendly process! Eliminating trash in landfills. Old locks are not very recyclable.

Most locks have inferior metals that do not melt down into reusable scrap steel, therefore almost always end up in the trash. Rekeying locks can eliminate waste by up to 99%! At Suncoast Locksmith, we recommend rekeying unless your locks are past their expected life expectancy. Sometimes we can save most of the locks but only have to replace one or two.

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