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Smart door locks are becoming a popular security option in today’s ever-evolving world. Many home and business owners are saying goodbye to traditional keys and instead choosing electronic locks with smartphone integration. But you shouldn’t trust just anyone to do the installation.

Call Mike at Suncoast - a licensed and insured mobile locksmith in St. Petersburg experienced in choosing and installing the right smart lock for you.

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Smart Door Lock Installer St Petersburg

What are Smart Locks?

Smart Locks are a form of keyless entry that uses electronic locks controlled via a smartphone or other connected device instead of a physical key. These locks use either Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to a mobile app, where access management can be done on the go. Smart locks are becoming more common as a security measure for entry doors of homes, residential units like multi-family and vacation rentals, and businesses.

Common Smart Lock Features

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Choosing the Right Type of Smart Lock

There are now several forms of smart locks available. And choosing the right one for your residential or commercial property may seem confusing. Before choosing your preferred smart lock, consider your access control needs and budget.

Types of Smart Locks

  • Deadbolt smart locks: Replace any existing deadbolt locks and contain a motorized mechanism that can be controlled from a smartphone app or connected device.
  • Lever handle smart locks: Replace the lever handle on a door instead of the deadbolt, and are common in commercial settings.
  • Mortise smart locks: Install inside a door and require a special lock pocket. Mortise locks are common for higher-end commercial residential properties.
  • Retrofit smart locks: Install over your door’s existing lock without required modification. This type of smart lock is a good option for renters or homeowners who don’t want their doors modified.

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Suncoast is the Right Choice for Smart Lock Installs

Suncoast Locksmith will help you find and install the right smart door lock for your home or business in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. With over 27 years of servicing 2 different US markets, our owner Mike has the exact solution that fits your goals and budget, all to make your new investment in smart security locks worthwhile. Our offered lock services help keep you and your property secure.

We offer smart locks from only reputable brands including Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Smart Locks

Are smart locks better than key locks?

Smart locks are better than key locks in situations where you want keyless entry and need to manage access remotely. Smart locks allow you to change who’s allowed in within seconds, unlike key locks where rekeying would be required if a key falls into the wrong hands. This type of lock will also allow you to audit who has accessed your property and when - unlike key locks.

Are smart home locks worth it?

Smart home locks are worth it for homeowners who value smart technology and no longer want to carry around traditional house keys. Parents can manage which guests have access to the home and monitor when other family members leave or come home. There are many kinds of smart locks now available, with many more affordable than before.

Are smart locks safe?

The safety of smart locks comes down to their specific brand, model, and whether the unit was installed properly. Good smart locks feature strong data encryption and authentication methods, are resistant to physical attacks, offer notifications when their battery runs low, and can be integrated with our smart home technology.

Will smart locks work with smart things?

Smart locks can be integrated to work with smart things such as security systems, cameras, and voice assistants. Talk with your locksmith about the required integration before choosing a type of smart lock.

Contact Suncoast Locksmith for smart door lock installation in and around St. Petersburg, FL.

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