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Suncoast Locksmith is your trusted partner for securing residential and commercial spaces in St. Petersburg. Our skilled Schlage locksmiths specialize in precise installations, efficient repairs and other locksmith services. Recognizing the importance of security, our team is ready to deliver reliable Schlage locksmith services to safeguard your Florida property.

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Schlage Commercial Locks Installed For Less

As fellow business owners, we know how crucial it is to properly secure your commercial property without breaking the bank. That's why we install and service Schlage's industry-leading commercial lock systems - they simply can't be beaten for durability, features and value.

We've installed their B and A series deadbolts to secure entrances and egress points for facilities across the St. Petersburg region. Once you experience how smoothly Schlage locks operate while giving staff customizable keycode access, you'll see why Schlage sets the commercial standard.

St. Petersburg Locksmith Trusts Schlage Locks

Types of Commercial Schlage Products Suncoast Installs

Suncoast Installs offers a diverse selection of commercial Schlage products to protect your most sensitive commercial areas in Florida. We specialize in Schlage keyless, master key and high-security solutions customized to strengthen access control for your business.

Schlage Keyless Entry Locks

Schlage keyless entry locks offer cutting-edge convenience through secure code, biometric, or proximity card access. We seamlessly install these innovative systems, eliminating cumbersome keys for simplified entry management. Audit trails provide detailed access records for enhanced accountability.


Schlage Master Key & High-Security Locks

For streamlined yet secure tiered access, Schlage master key systems allow custom access levels across departments while reducing the total keys needed. Our experts carefully implement structured master keying aligned with your business goals. Schlage's high-security locks withstand sophisticated break-in attempts through reinforced materials and advanced pick/drill/bump-resistant features.

Why Suncoast Locksmiths Trust Schlage

For over 100 years, Schlage® has been a trusted provider of durable door hardware, offering a diverse range of designs. The brand has revolutionized the electronic locks industry with an extensive product range, from entry-level keypads to advanced systems, making it an ideal time to embrace keyless solutions. Schlage Keypad locks provide reliable keyless convenience with features like nineteen user codes and an illuminated keypad.

The Schlage Touch eliminates the cylinder for enhanced security, while the Schlage Encode offers built-in WiFi connectivity for secure remote access. Combining Grade 1 security with home automation, the Schlage Connect features a built-in alarm and motorized deadbolt. Lastly, the Schlage Sense Smart deadbolts integrate seamlessly with Apple HomeKit™, offering Bluetooth®-enabled operation for both Android® and iOS® devices. Explore Schlage® for a comprehensive solution to elevate your home security and convenience.

St. Petersburg Schlage Residential Lock Installer

Suncoast Locksmith is your trusted partner for securing homes in St. Petersburg. Our residential lock services include lock rekeying for cost-effective security updates, smart lock installations for cutting-edge technology and robust deadbolt lock installations. Suncoast Locksmith guarantees reliable and tailored solutions to give homeowners peace of mind.

Types of Residential Schlage Products Suncoast Installs

Suncoast Locksmith offers Schlage rekeying, smart lock installations and deadbolt installation.

  1. Lock Rekeying: Enhance the security of your home affordably through our Schlage lock rekeying service, which modifies existing locks without necessitating complete replacement. This cost-effective solution mitigates the risks associated with lost or stolen keys, providing a budget-friendly alternative.
  2. Smart Lock Installations: Step into the realm of advanced home security with our smart lock installations. These cutting-edge devices offer features such as remote access control and keyless entry, delivering heightened convenience and innovative security measures for the future.
  3. Deadbolt Lock Installations: Strengthen your residential security with our robust deadbolt lock installations, adding an additional layer of protection to your entry points. Renowned for their durability and resistance to forced entry, deadbolt locks play a crucial role in fortifying doors and enhancing overall security.

Schlage, Lock Repair Specialists

Suncoast’s Schlage, lock repair specialists provide repair services for a wide range of Schlage products. Our specialists promptly address issues with locks for optimal functionality and security. Whether it's a malfunctioning padlock, deadbolt or any other Schlage product, our repair specialists are dedicated to restoring it to peak performance.

Contact us for lock installs, repairs & more in Gulfport, Kenneth City, Lealman, South Pasadena, St. Pete Beach and the surrounding areas!

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