Frequently Asked Locksmith Questions

How do I know if a locksmith is legit?

There are a few ways you can protect yourself from fly-by-night locksmith scammers.

  1. Ask for the total cost of services over the phone and tell the locksmith you won’t pay any amount over the quoted price. Bait and switch scammers will hang up.
  2. Never give your full address to your location until you agree to hire that company. Your approximate location will work fine during the phone quote conversation.
  3. If the locksmith asks for your zip code then they are not local. Most likely you just called an out-of-state call center and you will be ripped off. Just hang up.
  4. When the locksmith does show up, the service van should be displayed with the correct company name and logo that matches the advertising on the internet. The locksmith should be wearing some kind of uniform with the company logo.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable then tell the individual to leave. Protect yourself and trust your gut. Also note that not all States, such as Wisconsin, require locksmiths to be licensed. Feel free to ask them for their license, if they present you with any sort of license make up then they are fake.

What residential lockout services do you offer?

We provide full residential lockout services for any and all doors. We can get you in your house fast when you’re locked out. We also can get any interior door such as a bedroom door open damage free. We even can get the garage side and overhead doors open when there is a power outage, garage door opener malfunction, or an old rusty side door lock that just doesn’t work anymore.

What are the advantages of having high-security locks on my home or business?

High-security locks are the best and most secure locks available on the market. They almost always are mechanical locks and not so much electrical. The body, parts, and internal workings of a high-security lock are built to withstand harsh everyday use and are also theft-resistant.

They are designed to last a very long time. However, they also are the most expensive due to the precision machining of internal parts versus cheap stamped steel commonly found in over-the-counter locks. Some applications for high-security locks would be a bank, government building, jewelry store, or even your house!

What services do you offer regarding cars and trucks?

We offer emergency lockout services for cars and trucks. Lockout service is when the vehicle keys are locked inside the car when the doors are closed and locked. The vehicles we service are all makes and models including heavy-duty construction vehicles, semi-trucks, mobile home travel trailers, and more. We do not generate, cut, or program vehicle keys/fobs.

What forms of payment does Suncoast Locksmith take?

We take all major credit cards. Master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also take cash and checks with the proper identification.

Do you subcontract your work out to other St. Petersburg locksmiths?

No, I do not. If there is an issue where I can’t complete a job in time to meet your needs then I will offer a referral to another locksmith company. I am a firm believer in personally representing my company. Every job will be done in person by myself or one of my employees. Period.

Is there a service fee for getting an estimate on a potential home or commercial job?

With 25 plus years under my belt, I can almost always estimate or diagnose a job simply with a phone conversation. If there are more questions then the use of picture texting is a great help. Most often we can save a ton of time by shooting me a few pictures of your lock situation. I will make every effort to get out to you asap which is usually the same day if not 24-48 hours later for a quick estimate or evaluation.

How long does installing a new lock take?

It depends on how many doors you have in your home. Most homes with 2 to 3 doors can be completed in 2 hours. Some larger homes with 4 or more doors may take up to 3 to 4 hours. Commercial doors are much more complicated and every job is taken on a one-to-one basis. Once I know the extent of the job I can pinpoint the time (plus or minus 10 minutes) it will take to complete the job.

Do you install keyless push buttons and smart locks?

Yes, I install both push-button keyless locks and smart locks.

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