Affordable Lock Rekeyingin St. Petersburg, FL

When you need your locks changed, sourcing new ones can be expensive. Thankfully, lock rekeying is an economical solution to redoing your locks without the need for replacement.

Suncoast Locksmith offers affordable lock rekeying services in the St. Petersburg area. We service homeowners, business owners, and property managers alike.

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affordable lock rekeying service in St. Petersburg, FL

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying is the process of changing a lock’s internal components to match a new key combination. Rather than taking the added time and paying the higher cost to replace the entire lock, lock rekeying offers a more affordable solution by replacing the existing lock pins with ones to match a different key.

Benefits of Lock Rekeying

  • Enhanced security
  • More cost-effective
  • Added convenience
  • Improved key control
  • Added flexibility
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Lock Rekeying vs Replacing Locks

Lock rekeying and replacing locks are both ways to replace a lost key or change up your existing locks. But which option is best for you? See our full guide to lock rekeying vs installing new locks.

When Should You Consider Lock Rekeying?

  • Moving to a new property
  • Lost keys or had keys stolen
  • Had an employee with access leave
  • Experienced a break-in

Lock Rekeying Service For St. Petersburg Commercial Properties

You shouldn’t trust just any locksmith service to rekey your business’s locks. Hire a certified, local Florida locksmith with over 3 decades of industry experience. Mike of Suncoast Locksmith has completed thousands of successful business lock rekeying jobs. He has the fast and friendly service you need to rekey your commercial property and save you money.

Residential Lock Rekeying Service With Fast Response Times

Suncoast Locksmith offers quick and reliable residential lock rekeying services to homeowners in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. We can rekey homes in as low as 30 minutes and save you significant money over full lock replacement.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Lock Rekeying

What is the difference between rekeying and replacing locks?

Rekeying a lock involves modifying the internal mechanism of the lock to work with a new key while leaving the original lock hardware in place. Replacing a lock entails removing the complete lock mechanism and installing a new one.

What are the benefits of rekeying a lock?

The benefits of rekeying a lock include the ability to use your existing lock hardware while improving security, preventing unauthorized access, and saving money over replacing the complete lock mechanism. Lock rekeying is a quick and simple technique that can be done in a short period of time by a competent locksmith.

Can you rekey a lock without replacing it?

Yes, a lock can be rekeyed without being replaced. Rekeying modifies the lock's internal mechanism to work with a new key while retaining the original lock hardware.

Contact Suncoast Locksmith for lock rekeying services in and around St. Petersburg.

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