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Traditional keys can pose a security threat for multi-family units and businesses. If you find yourself struggling to manage who has access to what and are tired of paying to have locks rekeyed, there is a solution. Keyless entry systems give you the control to administer and track who has access to what without using physical keys.

Suncoast offers commercial locksmith services including installing keyless entry locks in St. Petersburg area properties. Contact us to get fast service.

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Keyless entry systems installation St. Petersburg, FL

What is Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry is a method of unlocking a door without using a traditional physical key. Keyless entry systems use alternative methods to vet and grant a user access, done through either a code, biometric scan, smartphone, or voice.

This type of entry is becoming popular in residential and commercial properties such as multi-family units, vacation rentals, and businesses due to its added convenience, security, and ease of use. Keyless entry systems for buildings come in different forms suitable for door locks, garage doors, and security systems.

Types of Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

Keypad Entry Keypads, also called combination locks, are one of the most popular forms of keyless entry. This type of keyless entry activates an electronic lock after the user enters a pre-programmed numeric code. The code can be changed by the owner for added security over time. 
Biometric Entry Biometric entry systems use a person’s unique physiological characteristics, like a fingerprint or retinal scan, to grant access to a space. Biometric locks are common in facilities requiring the highest security.
RFID Entry RFID or radio frequency identification locks use radio waves to unlock a door when a user approaches a certain distance. RFID locks come with an RFID reader and an RFID tag or card.
Smart Lock Entry Smart locks use a smartphone app or Bluetooth integration to lock and unlock doors. This form of keyless entry can be configured to customize access to specific individuals for a set amount of time.
Voice Activated Entry Voice-activated keyless entry systems are a form of intercom and smart locks that use voice recognition to identify and grant access to users. Voice-activated locks feature a built-in microphone that listens for a user’s specific voice and password to activate the lock.

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Benefits of Keyless Entry for Commercial Properties

  • Increased security: Ditch keeping track of physical keys and worrying about lost keys falling into the wrong hands.
  • Easy access management: Manage user access through a choice of unique codes, biometric scans, or wireless communication protocols.
  • Lower operating costs: Eliminate the need to rekey doors when a tenant or employee leaves.
  • Multiple credentials: Program in more than one code to assign and track access for various groups of people.

Keyless Entry Installation for Multi-Family Units & Businesses

Suncoast Locksmith installs keyless entry systems in multi-family units, vacation rentals, small businesses and other commercial or residential buildings across St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. With over 27 years of experience and 50,000+ successful service calls, our owner Mike has the exact solution to make keyless entry a worthwhile investment in your property.

We only use the most trusted brands in keyless entry door locks from the likes of Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Keyless Entry

What is a keyless entry system?

A keyless entry system is a form of security technology that allows a user to unlock a door without a physical key.

What are the different types of keyless entry systems?

The different types of keyless entry systems are keypad locks, biometric locks, RFID locks smart locks, and voice-activated locks.

Are keyless locks worth it?

Keyless locks are worth it for property managers, business owners, and even homeowners who want more control over who can enter a space without needing to keep track of physical keys.

Which keyless entry is best?

The best form of keyless entry for your situation will depend on your preferences for security, compatibility needs with other smart home devices, and budget. Talk to your local locksmith for more information on the available keyless entry systems for your building.

Contact Suncoast Locksmith to install a keyless entry system in your commercial property.

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